Welcome to 2018! – Join our OFFICIAL Discord Channel

Wassup nerds! So the NerdFensive​ crew has been having a great 2018 so far and hope you all are doing the same. With that, we want to announce a bit of a refocus and reimagining for our page.

1) We’ve had some amazing help from friends and coworkers reaching out and providing ideas for the site as well lending their own talents to help us prosper (this includes a new logo that we will be reflecting on the page soon. Be on the look out).

2) We want to become more and more interactive to you guys. In an effect to do this, we’ve created a Discord​ that you will be able to reach any of our crew members on. Ask questions and get responses to even the most personal questions (some members are more open than others. Haha). You can find that Discord here.

3) We want to use all of this to thank you for number 1. We have had a outpouring of help and people wanting to get involved. The crew thanks each and every one of you for the parts you have played. We hope we continue to bring you content that you enjoy with opinions that sometimes make you say “Huh?”.

Hope everyone is having a great 2018.

Written by Taurin Hurley