The Divison Patch 1.7: All you need to know

Today marks the release of the next major update for a game that was released almost a year and a half ago. Tom Clancy’s The Division gets a massive update today for PC, Xbox, and PS4. A few months ago, the developer said that they were going to be making some major changes to the game. They delivered on their promises by overhauling the quality of gear drops, the dark zone, and questing.

I remember spending hours in this game exploring New York city with my friends and fighting off other players in the dark zone. This next update shows a lot of promise and has me suiting back up to head out to the streets all over again. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the patch notes:

  • Global events with special rewards called “Classified Gear Sets”
  • Commendations – Similar to achievements, these will award patches for your character as well as other cosmetic items.
    • examples of commendations include get 100 kills with a shotgun, complete story missions on legendary difficulty, and collect echoes throughout the world.
  • Face masks – new vanity items to show off your skill for completing challenges.
  • In game character customization – You can now finally remove those sunglasses that you thought were such a great idea when you first created a character.
  • Encrypted Caches – Find key fragments in the world and when you collect 10, trade them in at a special vendor for a cache that includes unique appearance items, emotes, and skins.
  • Minimum of 4 new “Classified gear sets”. These are high level sets with new primary stat rolls and all new looks for your Agent.
  • Blueprints, crafting materials, and currencies are now shared across all of your characters on your account.
  • Survival mode will now have greater rewards the longer you survive.

Read the full patch notes here

Join us online this weekend! There will be a free play weekend from August 18-20th on PC, Xbox and PS4.

We will be showing off the new patch throughout the week on our Twitch channel. Come check it out.


Written by Taurin Hurley