DOOMFIST is Here! – Overwatch Origin Story

Doomfist has finally been announced and he looks amazing! Let’s begin by checking out his origin story reveal video. This is one of the best looking animations that Blizzard has given us yet. It breaks away from the origin stories we have seen in the past and it leaves us wanting a true overwatch Anime series.

He will be a primarily melee character and I really see him being a big playmaker. After playing him on the PTR i am already seeing possible combinations like Zarya being very strong. I also see him being  a big menace on control points and pushing tanks around on the battlefield.

His abilities include:

  • Main fire: Hand Cannon
    • Short-range weapon with spread. Reloads Automatically
  • Alt fire: Rocket Punch
    • Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy back. Damage increases if the enemy hits a wall
  • Shift: Rising Uppercut
    • Knock an enemy into the air.
  • E: Seismic Slam 
    • Leap forward and smash the ground.
  • Ultimate: Meteor Strike
    • Press Q to leap up into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press fire to strike the targeted area.
  • Passive: The Best Defense
    • Dealing damage with abilities creates temporary personal shields.

Papa Jeff brought us some details on Doomfist and you can tell that he is excited to finally be able to reveal the character to us. Check out the developer update:

We will be streaming this weekend on TWITCH so make sure to subscribe and tune in to see Doomfist in action!


Written by Taurin Hurley