Just Comics Group: Building a Better World One Book at a Time

just comics group logo on a banner image

Just Comics Group is a relatively new organization that have hit the ground running in recent months. We were turned on to this group by a friend of Nerdfensive by the name of Sam Ellis. Let’s talk about it.

“Just Comics Group is an independent collective of comic creators built on the principles of supporting each other’s creative projects while also donating a percentage of proceeds to charitable organizations. The JCG website will host, promote, and publish its member’s comics for free in weekly content updates. Once a comic book or graphic novel is completed, the creators will host a crowdfunding campaign, also promoted by JCG, to fund the printing of the finished book. All proceeds from the campaign will go to the creators – who, upon joining JCG, agree to donate a percentage of their profits to the charities of their choosing.”

Awesome right!? It is basically a company started in order to help out some of the newcomers into the industry while also finding a way to give back to charity (Feel free to click HERE to be taken to their website. Or HERE for their Facebook). The Just Comics Group has publicly backed two main charities as of right now (St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society). Our friend, Sam Ellis, is one of the driving factors with his newest comic “Komander Kaiju: Master of Monsters” which was released today, April 5th. Feel free to click the picture below in order to check out Sam’s Patreon page for Komander Kaiju.

cover of Komander Kaiju by sam ellis

The first couple of pages were released today and more will be released weekly.

In a email from Just Comics Group they said:

“Sam Ellis (who’s worked on projects ranging from Archer and Frisky Dingo to Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors) will kick off the official launch of the Just Comics Website with Komander Kaiju the Master of Monsters on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017. Its launch will be followed shortly by Last Stop, drawn by Hoyt Silva (Creator/writer/artist for the Drink Champs Webcomic) and written by Trey Walker, which will begin on Friday, April 7th, 2017.”

So if you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I wish I could check this out”. Well guess what, it is Wednesday, and they have, in fact (At the time of me writing this), released the first couple of pages for Komander Kaiju. I refuse to spoil anything so you’ll have to check them out for yourself.

In closing, we as Nerdfensive wanted to bring groups like this to the forefront. More people like this in the world, the world would be a better place. Make sure to check them out, Check out Sam’s patreon as well. His tiers for donations start at just a $1 a month (and you get entered in to a drawing)! $1 a month for a good cause!? How awesome is that!?

Written by Ryan Beale