LongWay’s Long Shots: 5 Possible DLC Heros

Jeff has been doing an awesome job giving us the break down of each catagory and major help that will allow us to hit the ground running when our appetites are finally satisfied and Overwatch is given to us in all of its glory. But wait… does Blizzard plan on holding back heros? Have they been hinting at champions that have yet to grace us with their presence? They wouldn’t possibly keep certain playable characters from us and allow us to download them later in some sort of patch that would then bring more enjoyment and excitement to the game at a point in which the game maybe hitting a lull thus reinvigorating the game and getting players excited about it once more would they? Now, before we travel down this road of rumors and possible mere coincidence together, I want to make it clear that Blizzard has stated that their currently planned DLC for Overwatch will be free. Gamers rejoice! With that being said, let’s break out the binoculars, gaze down the sniper scopes, and begin firing in the dark at some possible heros that could be fighting along side our current roster pretty soon.

  1. Sound Quake

For our first long shot, we go with a name that was mentioned in the very first cinematic that we saw of Overwatch. Which you can watch here: Overwatch Cinematic  Two children are talking battles and how exciting the Overwatch team seems when one mentions the name Sound Quake as his favorite. It’s a passing moment. Blink and you’ll miss it. But he also mentions chest missiles, which apparently a signature move of his favorite hero. Chest missiles? That sounds awesome! Missiles firing out of a heros chest would allude to the fact that this particular hero is at least in part, mechanical. And a hero with the name Sound Quake makes me think that we’re talking about a rather large figure. That’s where this picture comes in.


This is a cropped image of the very first character poster blizzard ever released concerning overwatch. Now this character line up picture has gone through several changes since, but this big red behemoth hasn’t been seen since the first incarnation. Could this be Sound Quake? Or at the very least, a concept of Sound Quake? Who knows, but companies in the past have dug into their concept folders before bringing us new heros, and I, for one, would not mind seeing this big red goliath standing beside me at the starting point (I would probably mind having to look up at him as he shot me in the face though).


2. Doom fist

This is actually another name that was brought up in the first cinematic trailer. We see a gauntlet of a hero on display which one of the children refer to as the gauntlet of Doomfist. Which is actually then the focus of a fight between two parties consisting of Tracer and Winston going against Reaper and Widowmaker. Hmmm… Doomfist… Doomfist… where have I personally seen that name? Oh yeah! Here!


This is an image taken from the beta which seems to be a direct reference to a champion named Doomfist. The interesting part of this image in the text at the bottom of each poster though. “The Savior”. “The Scourge”. “The Successor”. The titles are shown and after taking a closer examination of said posters, the gauntlet seems to change at least slightly in each one. This may point to the fact that Doomfist is not a single person, but possibly multiple heros. That the gauntlet maybe the item that makes the person Doomfist rather than the person themselves. With the power that gauntlet holds, it would explain why Reaper and Widowmaker wanted it.


3. Unknown Name

Speaking of posters, there has been a few more interesting ones scattered along the walls throughout the beta. Like this!


These posters seem to depict a hero along the lines of D.Va. As you can see in the photo, it is a young woman with what seems to be a mech pictured in different poses along side her. What makes her different and why we know she is not D.Va is the visor. If you look closely, you’ll see a visor that seems to be able to project a interactive screen for her to play with or possibly control her mech from. Considering D.Va was originally revealed by a poster of her and her gaming exploits (in the lore, D.Va was/is a famous professional gamer). Is this mystery woman a possible D.Va rival in the future?


4. Athena

Now, Athena is a name that Overwatch beta players have already heard whether they know it or not. Because Athena is the name of the AI that starts the games and essentially “hosts” the match ups. She’s that disembodied voice that you hear in your ear before running the gate to dominate or die (I found myself doing the latter a lot). Now you might say, “Ryan, this is a post about possible heros and champions. Why bring up a computer AI in the game?” This picture…


Oh…you’ve never heard of an AI being uploaded to an artificial robot-like body so it can fight and/or destroy anything that gets in its way? How long have you been a gamer again? This picture is another cropped image of the original character poster from Overwatch. It clearly shows a robot we have yet to see. More importantly, it shows a symbol on the robots head. That same symbol can be seen on computers that Athena talked to you from in the beta. This would suggest that at the very least, Athena was a concept character. And what did you I tell about concepts when companies look to release new things? Exactly! But hey, I maybe completely wrong… that’s why we call these long shots.


5. Sombra

Last but least, we have a character named Sombra. It is a character we have the most evidence of yet may still have the least knowledge about. In the beta, there is a file on a desk that refers to Sombra. There is also this newspaper laying around on one of the maps.


The newspaper seems to refer to a mysterious figure named Sombra and even the people in game, do not know who Sombra is. In an audio clip from the beta though… we find out at least one person that has a connection to Sombra. On a specific map, while fighting, Reaper has been heard and recorded saying the phrase, “where is Sombra when you need her?”. Is this a slip up by Blizzard? Is this a leak that got past them? Or is this a another thought out reveal by Blizzard of a champion that we will reap the rewards of soon? Get it… reap… Reapers phrase… fine… fine… whatever…


Anyway, that will wrap up this article of long shots. I have to break down my rifle and try to find the light switch to make sure there was not any collateral damage done. Later gamers!

Written by Ryan Beale